What are the features of Episode?


Are you looking for making your own love story? For this, you can try Episode game. It is the role-playing game where you can make a love story which is full of adventures and drama. Here the players need to select the best character and make the best outfit to make a fixed date as it is a story based game so you will meet with several kinds of stories and each of them has several episodes. If you want to know how to hack episode, then you should make contact with the pro-gamer. Here the player needs to collect gems and passes to get the best outfit and buying the place for the perfect date.



While playing the game, you have to collect the currency for buying the clothes. Here you have several choices for selecting the dresses. Whatever you want you can choose the clothes, but you have to keep a thing in your mind that spend that much currency you have.


Making the relationship is the best part of the game. We can say that the entire game is based on a link. Making a perfect relationship with a beautiful date represents the story. Here you can make the story according to you whatever the things you want to include you can.


Making some changes can help you in playing the game for more time. Here you will get the chance to change the fate according to your choice. As per the player winning is the most important thing to do, and with the help of changes these all things can be possible.

Different ending

When the game concludes then tries to use some techniques to make the best ending. Through this, the player can quickly gain some passes as well as gems.

Thus, these are some features that help you in knowing more about the game. Try a role-playing game and make your own story.