The important role of Currencies in Darkness Rises

The best Role Playing game Darkness Rises is launched by NEXON Company. The game is got 4.7 stars out of 5 as the best game on play store. Many classes are available in it of beginners and advanced player. So many levels and skill are available. The game also releases with the high graphic which makes it so popular. The currencies are the most important part for dress up the character. You can create your character and boost up your level. Modes are available like adventurer mode and others modes. So much quests main, weekly and daily. The stages and rewards are also available.


You know very well currencies are the most important part of our life. As per in-game it also plays an important role in it. If you want to purchase anything for the avatar, then upgrade the avatar and useful for many other things. So today I will tell you how to earn free points in it and why to use carefully. So many resources are available to collect free money.

  1. Participate in Events-

In all ways, it is the best way to earn free rewards. Many events are organized by a company in the game. Every event has fixed winning prizes. Lots of peoples participate in events, and the winning player gets the rewards. Many tasks and events are available. By solving the missions, you can earn the rewards. So it is the best way to warn coins, gems, and other currencies. To participate in events, it is so required and not miss the events. For entering in the events check the banners on the right side of the screen to see the friendly events.

  1. Mailbox-

In the game show one icon like Mailbox. If red dot on the image the touch on it. Some items give developer rewards you like pre-registration rewards and many other rewards. After that touch on that pays and claim it. So it is the best way to collect free coins and gems.

  1. Daily Bonus-

The daily bonus is the best way to earn free currencies. When you start the game, you will receive one gift as the daily rewards. It is the best way to make free currency. In others words, we can say that regular login into the game, and you will receive the daily rewards. But it is receiving after every 24 hours. So don’t miss to login in game daily not miss the collect the daily prizes. It is the best opportunity to collect free coins and gems.

  1. Complete mission-

The missions are the best source to earn free coins. After completing the very mission, the company will give you rewards. From tasks, you can open many rewards and unlock the many items. You can also be required coins for entering into the game. The currencies are also useful for skip the missions. But you can receive the coins for the complete mission. So that is also another good way to collect the rewards on a daily basis.

  1. Rest Rewards-

In the game, rest rewards are also available for redeeming. IN it your rest gauge slowly charges up when you are offline or out of combat. After full fill the bar you can redeem the rewards. Via spends the gems you can earn rewards twice. So that is also the best way to gain free currencies and other important things for free.

  1. Purchase currencies-

If you have not sufficient currencies after trying those methods, then it is the best way. You can buy currencies online from the store. Many valuable packs are available online to buy the currency. For buying the currencies, you can go to an online store. But always try first for the previous methods after that try it. It is always purchased from the real currencies.

  1. Buy currencies carefully-

The currencies are the main sources for buy things and upgrade your avatar. But sometimes you have not sufficient currencies for playing the game. In that situation, you should buy online. It is the best way to earn currencies. Sometimes you can buy it from another site. They take money from you and not give the currencies to you. So always buy from the official site and application. These are secure ways to purchase currencies.