The history of pre evolution soccer and its founder

Pre evolution soccer refer to the series of football video games. The system was developed and published by an individual called Konami. This is a spinoff of the Konomi’s earlier international superstar soccer. The first release of such kind of game was in the year 2001. The latest release which is currently ongoing was lounged in the year 2019 September which is now referred to the pes hack 2020 pro evolution soccer.

In every year, the game is usually released at late September or early October. The release has always tow titles which include the world soccer which is winning eleven in Japan and Asia and the second one referred to as pro evolution soccer found in Europe, North America and Indonesia. Mostly, the Japanese soccer is localized which majors on local leagues. According to the history, this pro evolution soccer or rather world soccer has always lacked the licenses in EAs offering.

In 2020, the pro evolution soccer was localized into a number of 19 languages which are available in sixty-three countries. Speaking of the year 2012, the series has been sold more than 81.65 million of copies throughout the world. Due to this reason, it has become one of the best-selling video game franchise in the whole world. This has brought a lot of capital as well as engaged of a wide number of people into the world of soccer.

Since the released of the pro evolution is conducted on annual basis, the production of the 2019 series was released on November 2019. The release come up with a series of improvement which were not found in the other years. Due to this, it is believed that there will be better result as the year goes by and the number of the is also set to raise. Some of the development found in this release are the improved animations, ball physic has been improved and the customization of the manager league. With the new improvement, the founder is targeting a wide range of players as well as teams in the world in even in the local area.