Some helpful tips and tricks for dominations users

Some helpful tips and tricks for dominations users

If you are playing dominations then you will able to control any type of nations and fighters available from worldwide with a lot of stars and buildings. It has come with some interesting gameplay like troops and soldiers, horseman etc and you can handle some mercenaries in game. There are 15 different kinds of mercenaries available in present game. With the help of these fighters, you can change your game in a fraction of minutes but if you are using in the proper way. Here are some new strategies that definitely assist you to earn more points and stars.

Each thing available in perfect age

You can unlock mercenaries with the completing each part in the game. These troops can make your game so strong by debuting in it so early, for example, you would not see other users what they are controlling because that’s will make easy to you dominant in the present age. As soon as you install the mercenaries it can be beneficial for you in few parts like it make easy to attacking in some unprotected areas.

Always focus on main things

Basically, resources are part of your game which is vital for the game player when they are dealing with mercenaries. These come with different types each of mercenaries has their own requirements and strong units that would require more sources.

Mercenaries increase the value of troops

If your sending basic armies in battles then you will have a lot of chances for loss for example, if your soldiers are not able to hit warriors then the mercenary troops come with their special powers and updated version.  Always try to send mercenary in big battles because they would not return to your camp once the fight has been done even if they destroy all buildings.

Sometimes extra fighters become unhelpful

There is the number of troops available in the terracotta army that can give you same advantages of age and be getting the bonus will remain less useful sometime. However, if you are going in classic age then it would be quite helpful to you.

Use big army

Once if you have to find the house with lots of resources get Dominations Hack and money then you should stree in a terracotta army, while that can be only used once a day. you should use them in bolster army in attacking base in truckload boosters.

Two different armies which one is better?

There are two types of armies available in the fame such as Colosseum or terra cotta but Colosseum is a great choice for every person. Well, terracotta always comes with usefulness with fewer resources. However, choices are a debatable issue, It depends on you either you are choosing Colosseum or another one you will come up a winner.

What is the final verdict?

Before playing dominations we advise you to check our paragraphs for best-attacking strategies as well as effective methods in wiki. Just in case if you are searching for different troops in the game, we covered this trick as well in the above paragraphs.