More Things to Know about Episode – Choose Your Story

The game we are discussing is the most trending game in this modern era. More than 1 million people play the game every day from all over the world. My Story is available for both IOS and Android users at free of cost on various types of websites. There are lots of works to do in the game like the most important is to my story and play, or you also create your story.

Types of Stories

The game contains various types of stories on which it depends. The gamers need to choose a character and customize it properly in order to play the game as long as possible. Following are some types of stories in the game –

  • The Baby Project – In it, the gamers have to face a new and hot student at Riverside high’s “Baby Project.” It is the best story among all other stories.
  • I Married A Prince – In this story, the girl is forced to marry the prince of an ancient family. The girl has to end up the new modern love and marry the prince.
  • Bad Boy’s Girl – In it the girl had a crush on the boy for years. But in-between the boy’s brother is back from the town and then everything changes in the girl’s house. Nowc it depends on the girl to tell him or wait for more.
  • Started with a Lie – It refers to the most romantic story of the game as it starts with a lie. In it, the users also have to investigate a massive murder mystery. After that users have to face media and press while revealing the mystery.

My Story Cheats 2020 also contains some other important stories like Mean Girls, The Royal Baby and it started with a Bra, etc.

Final Words

The game provides you the best features and modes to play according to your choice. There are lots of stories about romance, adventure, drama, and horror, etc. My Story is the best way to show your skills and abilities. The gamers have to design their characters perfectly with lots of new clothes and customize its eyes, lips, and hairs, etc. To become the best player of the game on should play it regularly on a daily basis. The more and more you play, the more you become in it.