Let’s Know More about Design Home


Design Home is highly played and amazing game trending on the Google play store as well as Apple app store. It is s Freemium game and created by the Crowdstar Inc Company. You can use the in-app purchase feature here and use the real money on needy time. Without wasting a single second download it on your mobile and convert your boring time in entertainment. You will love the game after watching the best graphics and unique tasks in the same game.

Essential tips

  • New players should don’t spend more time on staring, because these are the easy tasks and you can clear it with using the money.
  • Always try to use the different theme for the rooms. You can earn the five stars for your better work.
  • Try to upgrade all the furniture time by time to earn the extra tickets and diamonds easily.
  • Spend some time to watch the decoration of other players and observe your week points with this.
  • Don’t copy the others ideas and try always to do something unique and special.
  • Give your best and try to work on rooms like a professional decorator.

Wait for the right offers

The game gives you option buy the special furniture for the house by spending the diamonds. It is not good to spend a lot of expensive diamonds on the furniture. Moreover, players should wait for the best offer to save the huge amount of diamonds easily but by trying Design Home Hack.

You get the chance to use these offers for the limited time.  All the players who want to use diamonds on pieces of equipment can wait for the best offer to buy a lot of things. Try to buy the best furniture on the needy time in place of early stages.