3 main in-game currencies of Dragon City

3 main in-game currencies of Dragon City

When it comes to playing a game so, you always need a game which is consist of adventures and several tasks to perform. Through this, one can take a trial of Dragon City. It is an exciting game where you need to make a city of fire-breath dragons. In the playing aspect, all of us need to take care of dragons like a kid. However, the players are required to decorate the city with farming and construction of the building.

In the game, one can invite friends for performing the task in a proper team. If you want, then you can play against your friends. Through this, the gold and gems are the essential aspects which the players are required to collect. If they are not able to earn these elements, then there is no need to worry. One can use Dragon City cheats 2019 for gaining the unlimited amount of gems and gold.


The game is consisting of three main currencies, which are:


The gold is the premium currency in the game which the players are required to collect its higher rate. It helps in upgrading the playing section. However, if you want to update the powers of dragons, then one can use gold.


The gems are the primary currency of the game, which helps the players in buying some resources. Most of the players like to buy it from real money as it is a very different thing to gain.


It is also an essential currency of the game. However, the dragons will perform the task after eating the food. There is only one way to collect food from farming.

These are the three main currencies of the game that the layers are required to earn. Through the currencies, one can smoothly perform several aspects.